Annual Atlantis Dream Team Christmas Party for 2000+ young children

The Annual Atlantis Dream Team Christmas Party for 2000+ young children is taking place on 3 December and we need your help (photos below).

Each year Maggie and her team of volunteers coordinate with the local churches, schools and community leadership structures to develop a list of households with young children who, due to the formidably high unemployment rate, sickness or other factors would not be able to celebrate Christmas. While this might not sound like a catastrophe, it is this form of economic exclusion that creates the environment where gangsterism and crime thrive. But through the compassion and caring of Maggie and her Dream Team hope is still very much alive in Atlantis. These identified families are invited to a very special day filled with wonderment, great food and a Christmas gift.

The Atlantis Dream Team run a daily soup kitchen that often feeds over 300 people every day. The Dream Team also organise a number of annual events with strategic partners where the poorest of the poor get basic food stuffs, clothing and bedding. All this is done in a respectful manner with the long term view to uplift.

On behalf of the Atlantis Dream Team and the people of Atlantis we are making an urgent appeal for assistance – be it financial, your time on the day (we rise before the sun and it is a day you will never forget), the provision of products or services and also to help spreading this call for assistance far and wide.

This Christmas, give the gift of hope. 

The Atlantis Dream Team is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO-023-085). Cash donations can be deposited in:

Atlantis Dream Team
Account Number 9118760492
ABSA, Atlantis
Savings Account

This initiative is run by volunteers and all funds will be spent on the kids. Want to get involved? Contact us!

* Please share this far and wide.

Contact details:
084 244 6389
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