Leading Independent Merchant Bank partners with South African VC and Corporate Finance company to uplift Cape Town community

Strand Hanson, an innovative financial advisory boutique with offices in the UK and South Africa, and a leading adviser to companies in emerging markets, has announced that it has selected the Atlantis Dream Team as an official corporate social investment (CSI) initiative.

The Atlantis Dream Team is a registered non-profit organisation based in the SH-newlogoAtlantis community in Cape Town, South Africa, focussed on empowering and uplifting disadvantaged communities through developing sustainable job creation programmes, basic health care and nutrition, education and training and the promotion of human rights.

The Atlantis Dream Team will conduct the communities’ social and
environmental agenda, under the leadership of Maggie Vaas, while a for-profit subsidiary, Qei Caban InvestmentsHoldings, will utilise an innovative hybrid business model to uplift entrepreneurs and be responsible for commercialising economic opportunities in the Atlantis region.

Profits from Qei Holdings are expected to enable the long term sustainability of the Atlantis Dream Team, as a whole, and positively impact poverty eradication in the community.

The current needs of the Atlantis Dream Team include funds for acquiring land adjacent to the existing soup kitchen where a youth centre and crèche will be built. These are desperately needed facilities as getting the children off the streets is the first step towards eradicating gangsterism and affording the youth access to early childhood development programmes. There is also an on-going need to purchase food and other consumables for the soup kitchen.

Strand Hanson will work with Caban Investments to capitalise Qei Holdings and provide the platform for the Atlantis Dream Team to become self-sustaining, a model which over time is intended to be applied and developed in other communities across South Africa.

“Strand Hanson believes strongly in the principle of sustainable development, rather than hand-outs. The Atlantis Dream Team is founded on this principle, and is operated by a dedicated and wholly admirable team who work extremely hard to uplift their community. Strand Hanson is proud to be able to work with Caban to support this initiative, providing initial capital and input to enable the community to thrive under its own steam,” said Warren Pearce, Managing Director of Strand Hanson’s African office.

“It is projects like this, ones that create opportunities for people to change their circumstance, which are the future of corporate social investment. Knowing that our support is not just fulfilling an immediate need but rather assisting with the development of a sustainable venture that will help many in the years to come is deeply rewarding,” continued Warren.

“It is a strong and long standing passion of mine that NPOs and NGOs should not be going to the government and corporate SA with their caps in hand asking for funding to continue with the good work that they are doing. After all, civil society is what keeps the government in check and fulfils key areas in society that need addressing. Through Qei Holdings we are changing this trend. This is a great achievement for the people of Atlantis,” said Group CEO of the Caban Group of Companies Dave Romero.

“The successful outcome of this project was in a large part due to the manner in which the various Caban Service Providers collaborated to produce professional videos of the activities in the area, comprehensive websites and social media presence as well as detailed financial forecasts and business plans. This added level of support gives confidence to Investors and stakeholders and lifts the profile of organisations such as the Atlantis Dream Team who do such vital work,” continues Dave.

Find out more: www.atlantisdreamteam.co.za / www.qeiholdings.co.za.

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